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Cell No: 0919-4872987

Viber ID: 0919-4872987

Online Sales

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Cell No: 0917-8223232

Viber ID: 0917-8223232

Brand new PC and Monitor Sales

Ivhan Skype: Chat Call


Cell No: 0932-1752793

Viber ID: 0932-1752793

Used PC, Parts and Monitor Sales

Abby Skype: Chat Call


Cell No: 0947-5566988

Viber ID:0947-5566988

Laptop Sales

Mar Skype: Chat Call


Cell No: 0927-0767317

Viber ID: 0927-0767317

CCTV Sales

Kens Skype: Chat Call


Cell No: 0917-8449559

Viber ID: 0917-8449559

Accessories Sales

Asnie Skype: Chat Call


Cell No: 0945-8469567

Viber ID: 0945-8469567

Mandaluyong Branch

Bibz Skype: Chat Call


Cell No: 0917-8843177 / 0928-7397522

Viber ID: 0917-8843177

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