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Dahua 55-inch UHD Smart TV DHI-LTV55-SA400
Item code
Selling Price
3 Months
Installment Term
For As Low As
₱ 9,208.91 / months

Metrobank Card Holder Walk-in Customer only
₱ 9,285.72 / months

BDO Card Holder Walk-in Customer only
Brand New
12 Months
Dahua 55-inch UHD Smart TV DHI-LTV55-SA400
High resolution of 3840x2160
Abundant interfaces including RJ45, HDMI, audio out, USB, AV-in and turner
Built-in android system and supports PAL, NTSC, SECAM ATV system
Supports picture, audio, video and multimedia playing
Supports multiple languages, picture modes and sound modes
High cost performance and low power consumption
Last Update
2020-07-17 (07:38:10)


Conditions Items Warranty Period
Brand new Motherboard
24 months warranty
Brand new CCTV Camera
DVR Standalone
NOW! with 24 months warranty
Brand new Smartphone / Tablet
LCD / LED / LED TV Monitor
Branded Router/Switch Hub
PC Parts
External Drive
Safe box
12 months warranty
Brand new PCI DVR card
Generic power supply
6 months warranty
Brand new Computer Accessories
(ex. Webcam, Headset, Keyboard, Mouse etc.)
30 days warranty
Brand new Table, Chair, Casing, Heat Sink Fan, Freebies 7 days warranty (test warranty)
Pre-Owned Smartphone / Tablet 1 month warranty
Pre-Owned Laptop
Hard disk drive
Power supply
Video card
Now! 9 months warranty
Pre-Owned Microsoft Authorised Refurbished (MAR)
Desktop / Laptop
LCD/LED Monitor
12 months warranty
Brand new/Pre-Owned Laptop battery, Consumables, Fans, cables, Software No warranty
* Please visit individual Product for specific warranty period.


Openpinoy change prices very often. To get updated, kindly check our website or you may call our office or you may personally visit us at Openpinoy.

Openpinoy reserves the right to change prices without prior notice.


Reservation of items can be made provided that they pay for at least 30% of the total items to be purchased which will be valid for 1 WEEK. If a sudden price increase or decrease occur within the reservation period, ORIGINAL PRICE upon reservation will be imposed. Reserved items that lapsed for MORE THAN 1 WEEK will be automatically be CANCELED and a cancellation fee of 10% will be imposed.


All items has an ALLOWABLE WARRANTY REPLACEMENT (Outright Replacement). Change item for USED and BRAND NEW can be made within 7 days from the date of purchase (excluding Sundays). If a sudden PRICE DROP occurred within the 7-day period, PRICE of the item purchased will be based on the CURRENT MARKET PRICE. If a PRICE INCREASE occurred, computation will be based on the ACTUAL AMOUNT PURCHASED. Outright replacement can be made if the item/s has no damage, good as brand new (for brand new items), with complete accessories/peripherals and packaging, NO receipt and NO warranty sticker, NO replacement.

















Warranty/Service processing is within 20 working days (This may vary depends on the parts availability.) The client will receive a call from us after completion of process.

If the defective items under the ALLOWABLE WARRANTY REPLACEMENT period has NO STOCK, customers can upgrade provided that they will pay for the upgraded amount and the warranty period will be that of the first transaction.

Unclaimed items within 30 days after our customer service informed you, shall have a storage fee of ten percent (10%) per month from the actual amount of the item/s.

OPENPINOY is hereby authorized to dispose the item/s if not claimed within 6 months by end-user.

OPENPINOY dont have any liability for any problem occur on service item/s during the service period.

Before leaving your item/s for warranty be sure to fill up the SERVICE FORM provided by our AS Center, make sure that all the information are correct: peripherals/accessories are indicated.

All items are subject for inspection by OPENPINOY authorized technical personnel.

Within the warranty period, all defective items are for check-in service only, and are subject for inspection and repair only. The decision for replacement shall be dependent upon the distributor/manufacturer on the defective item/s. OPENPINOY will, at its option, repair or replace the defective item/s at no charge, provided it is returned during the warranty period. Parts for the replacement are warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period.

The warranty is void:
- If the item/s has been damaged brought about by accident, misuse/mishandled, misapplication or any abnormal causes (i.e. animal/insect bites or wastes on parts, use of wrong voltage, damages caused by the use of non-original consumables, damages caused by fire, floods, earthquakes, and other incidental events, abused, modified or altered, neglected, improperly integrated, physical damage/ breakage. (burnt, dent, cracked).

- If the warranty seal/s of the item/s has been tampered with or altered in any way.

- If repaired or serviced by others.

- If the product serial number has been altered, defaced or removed.

- No warranty receipt and No warranty sticker.

There will be no On-site services and lending of backup units.

The warranty on computer item/s does not include software or virus problems. Openpinoy is not responsible for loss of program or data stored on hard disk drives. The client/customer is responsible of having their data backed-up before requesting for warranty service.

For provincial clients, if ever an item breaks down, the client has to send us that item, and well have it repaired or replaced, depending on the decision of the distributor/manufacturer of the defective item. After the repair or replacement, we will send it back to the client. OPENPINOY will not pay any freight charges. The client has to shoulder all the shipping expenses after 3 days upon receiving the item/s and must be reported immediately to our sales representative to help you for basic troubleshooting before confirming the item/s is defective. If the item/s send back and tested good by our technicians the shipping expenses will be shoulder by the client.

Claiming repaired item/s for walk-in client. After receiving call from our AS Center, you may claim your item/s with the service report paper, if your representative will claim the item/s you may provide authorization letter, your id and your representatives id.

Claiming repaired item/s for provincial client. After receiving call from our AS Center giving you instruction about what the is/are repaired or replaced, they will provide you the cost (if any ) and the shipping fee for returning to your place.

Exclusive for Brandnew CCTV Camera only, if returned and/or repaired for the third time, it will be replaced with the new stock with the same model of the first purchased.


Our company shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any item/s that were checked-in or sent in our office, due to floor, fire, earthquake or other abnormal conditions beyond our control. Due to copyright on softwares, we will not be held liable for units seized or confiscated by authorities due to unlicensed software.


For Online order(s). OPENPINOY does not have third party sales agent(s). Order or transact directly with legitimate OPENPINOY employees, and contact us only through the phone numbers, e-mails, Skype or YM accounts posted in our website. Deposit only to bank accounts or money transfer accounts that are under with OPENPINOY/GLOMARKET TRADING CORP only. Please refer to our website to be sure that you are transacting with the legitimate OPENPINOY employees.

You agree that you are responsible to pay all the products submitted or requested subject for order online and any additional charges such as delivery fee and taxes with your order. You are also responsible for providing the proof of payment of all fees.

By all means customers ordered via online or through phonecalls which not appear the signature on the receipt/s still agreed on all the terms and condition.

Operating System. OPENPINOY is not allowed to install illegal or pirated operating system, or operating system that is not purchased in our company.


By entering this website you agree in our terms and conditions legally provided in this website.

OPENPINOY is committed to protecting your right to privacy. In keeping with that commitment, we are providing you with details about the information we collect while doing business.

When you visit our site
When you connect to our Web site, OPENPINOY Web servers use non-persistent cookies to collect your IP address. Non-persistent cookies do not reveal your identity, they simply enable us to maintain custom settings and items in your shopping cart while you browse. The non-persistent cookie is temporarily stored to memory and is automatically discarded when you end your browser session.

When you sign in as a member
You are automatically placed on our mailing list when you sign in as member. In addition to receiving the newsletter and/or pricelist, updates, you may occasionally receive special mailings from us products may be of interest to you. To remove your name from our mailing list, please send an e-mail to

When you place an order with us
To process and ship your order, we need your name, phone number, billing address, shipping address, and e-mail address. This information is stored on a secured database to allow us to process subsequent orders more quickly.

When you request a login name
You can choose a login name and password when you place an order online. This will enable online order tracking and allow us to save your customer information so you wont have to re-enter it every time you place an order. Before you choose a login name, you must provide us with your name and password. We use this information to authenticate your identity whenever you request access to these special online services.

When you leave our site
OPENPINOY has no control over the privacy practices of sites outside our domain. If you follow a link to another Web site, read the sites privacy policy and contact their administrator with your privacy-related questions.

Thank you

SAMSUNG 27-inch FHD Curved Gaming Monito…

PhP 11,580.00

LCD/LED/PLASMA/ Flat panel TV Wall Mount…

PhP 160.00


PhP 102,880.00

AOC E2270SWHN 21.5 inch LED Monitor

PhP 5,650.00

KONKA KDE32PHD306L 32-inch HD LED TV Mon…

PhP 10,770.00

ASUS VC239H 23-inch Full HD IPS | LED Mo…

PhP 8,799.00


PhP 114,390.00

LCD/LED/PLASMA/ Flat panel TV Wall Mount…

PhP 260.00

LG 27MK400 27inches LED Monitor

PhP 12,390.00

ASUS VZ229H 21.5inch LED Monitor

PhP 8,820.00


PhP 7,180.00

NBC1-F 17-inch to 37-inch Flat Panel TV …

PhP 490.00

ASUS VZ279HE 27inch LED Monitor

PhP 13,690.00

HiSense 32inch HD LED TV 32E5100 Digital…

PhP 7,935.00

DELL E2216HV 22 inches full HD LED Monit…

PhP 6,430.00

KONKA KDE50PHD306L 50-inch HD LED TV Mon…

PhP 23,160.00


PhP 23,540.00

Samsung SyncMaster Magic CX702B 17-inch …

PhP 1,690.00
PhP 1,499.00

LCD/LED/PLASMA/ Flat panel TV Arm Wall M…

PhP 1,190.00

HISENSE 32A5605 32-inch HD Ready LED Sma…

PhP 9,470.00

Philips 190s 19-inch LCD Monitor

PhP 1,899.00

Brandnew AOC E2070SWN 19.5 inch widescre…

PhP 3,960.00

HP V214B 20.7inch LED Monitor

PhP 4,790.00

LCD wall mount L-2 Black Suitable for 1…

PhP 390.00

HiSense 40inch Full LED Smart TV 40E5600…

PhP 13,100.00


PhP 17,135.00

Philips 163V5L 15.6-inch TFT LED Monitor

PhP 3,399.00

Brandnew AOC E1670SWU 15.6 inch 70 Seri…

PhP 3,130.00

LG 65-inch Ultra HD LED TV 65UK6500PPC w…

PhP 62,700.00

LG 22M47VQ 21.5inches LED Monitor

PhP 6,260.00

MSI MAG271CQR 27inch LED Monitor

PhP 28,620.00


PhP 8,100.00

Flat panel TV cantiliver mount Suitable…

PhP 1,180.00
PhP 990.00

LCD/LED/PLASMA/ Flat panel TV Wall Mount…

PhP 520.00

ASUS VZ279H 27inch LED Monitor

PhP 15,400.00


PhP 60,580.00

MSI MAG24VC 23.6inch LED Monitor

PhP 9,910.00

LCD/LED/PLASMA/ Flat panel TV Wall Mount…

PhP 620.00

LG 65-inch Super Ultra HD LED TV 65SK800…

PhP 90,080.00

Brandnew AOC e1670Sw 15.6 inch USB-Powe…

PhP 3,130.00

Dell E1916H 19-inch HD LED Monitor

PhP 4,130.00

ASUS VZ229HE 21.5inch LED Monitor

PhP 8,540.00

Dahua 32-inch HD Smart TV DHI-LTV32-SA10…

PhP 8,280.00

Lenovo ThinkVision E2223s 22-inch Wide L…

PhP 3,560.00

NB F100A 22-35 inch Screen Monitor Holde…

PhP 3,990.00

LG 20M39H 19.5inches LED Monitor

PhP 4,170.00

LCD / Plasma TV Ceiling Mount CP-413 Su…

PhP 1,990.00

SAMSUNG 27-inc LED Monitor (LS27E390HS) …

PhP 17,930.00

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