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ASRock Home Cloud

What is Home Cloud?
Home Cloud is ASRock's exclusive remote wake plus remote desktop solution for the 8 Series motherboards with Intel or Qualcomm LAN chips. To be even more specific, Home Cloud allows users to remotely power on their PCs anywhere in the world with a smartphone, tablet or another computer, and then use the secondary device's screen to remotely control the PC and perform tasks regularly. Let's say you forgot an important file in your computer at home which you need for the next meeting, or maybe you are hiding in the office bathroom missing your massive collection of funny cat videos. Use Home Cloud to open those files with your smartphone immediately!
Intel Remote Wake Technology
Intel Remote Wake Technology allows you to use programs or services over the Internet to wake up your home computer from energy efficient sleep mode. Before configuring this feature, verify the following.
  • Remote Wake has been enabled in "Intel Smart Connect Technology Manager".
  • Make sure that the "PCI Device Power On" is enabled in UEFI SETUP UTILITY > Advanced > ACPI Configuration.
Why Home Cloud?
Imagine yourself as a desperado riding into the sunset, an outcast of the society exiled from your country, or simply at the groceries two blocks away from home. You miss your personal computer so much and you'll need Home Cloud for the following real world scenarios:
Keep your stored mail near at hand whenever you need it.
Stream your secret stash of vids, music and pics.
Access or send files remotely anywhere.
Watch your favorite local TV programs by connecting to your PC.
Keep an eye on your pets or children when you are away from home.
Support list
Home Cloud with Intel LANHome Cloud with Qualcomm LAN
Z87 Extreme11/acV
Z87 Extreme9/acV
Z87 OC Formula/acV
Z87 OC FormulaV
Z87 ProfessionalV
Z87 Extreme6/acV
Z87 Extreme6V
Z87 Extreme4/TB4V
Z87 Extreme4V
Z87 Extreme3V
Z87 Pro4V
Z87 Pro3V
Z87M OC FormulaV
Z87M Extreme4V
Z87M Pro4V
H87 PerformanceV
H87 Pro4V
H87M Pro4V
Q87M vProV
B85 Pro4V
P85 Pro3
B85M Pro4V

How to use Home Cloud?
Home Cloud's features and supported remote desktop apps may vary from LAN chipsets and operating systems. Please check the support table then watch our quick tutorial below to setup Home Cloud.

Home Cloud Support ListWindows 7Windows 8
Intel LANNot supportedSupported by Splashtop Personal app or MeshCentral website
Qualcomm LAN Supported by Sunlogin appSupported by Sunlogin app

Configuring and Using Splashtop

Splashtop is a remote desktop access software that lets you remotely access your home computer from your mobile device. Before configuring this feature, verify that "Remote Wake" has been enabled in "Intel Smart Connect Technology Manager".

Setup Guide
Step 1: Download and install the Streamer on your home computer, which is located in the folder at the following path of the Support CD: \ ASRock Utility. Then enter your Splashtop Account. If you have not created a Splashtop acount, create one.
Step 2: Download and install "Splashtop 2" on your mobile device and log into the app.

Using Remote Wakeup
Step 1: In "Splashtop 2", tap the edit button next to an offline machine from the list.
Step 2: Tap "Wake up this computer".

Using Remote Control
Step 1: In "Splashtop 2", tap an online machine from the list to connect to your home computer.
Step 2: Start remotely accessing your home computer.
Accessing Data
Playing Video

Configuring and Using MeshCentral
MeshCentral allows you to remotely wake up a PC from any network using a single web site. Just download and install the mesh agent on your computers and your computers will show up in the "My Devices" section of

Creating a Mesh
Step 1: Login to If you have not created a MeshCentral acount, go to and create a new account.
Step 2: Click the "My Account" tab. Then click on "New" to create a new mesh.
Step 3: A new mesh window will pop up. Enter a mesh name and password.
Step 4: Select all the checkboxes and click Create Mesh.

Downloading and Installing Mesh Agent
Step 1: Click Install on the My Account page.
Step 2: Select the mesh and download both files. Make sure both files are in the same directory.
Step 3: Right-click on MeshAgent.exe and select Run as administrator.
Step 4: Click Install / Update.
Step 5: Wait a minute for the New Machine to appear in "My Devices".
Step 6: Check whether "Intel Remote Wake" appeared or not.

Waking up Your PC using PC
Step 1: On the "My Devices" page, click on Power Actions.
Step 2: Click on Wake or Sleep.

Waking up Your PC using mobile device
Step 1: Login to
Step 2: Select a Machine.
Step 3: Click on Wake or Sleep.

QIG for Home Cloud with Intel LAN chipQIG for Home Cloud with Qualcomm LAN chip
Source: ASRock Home Cloud

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