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  • 3D Mark Fire Strike data as of May 9, 2013. Basemark CL V1.01 test ed on GPU profile.

  • Tested AMD systems using 2x4 GB DDR3-1866 (except AMD 10-6800K using DDR3-2133 and AMD A4-4000 APU using DDR3-1600), Windows 8 64bit, Driver 13.10.BR021649.

  • Intel systems using HD2500 graphics, 2x4 GB DDR3-1600, Windows 8 64bit, Driver

  • Intel systems with graphics cards used Intel core i3 3220 or core i5 3470 processor with NV GT 630 or NV GT 620 graphics card, 2x4GB DDR3-1600, Windows 8 64 bit, Driver 313.96.

  • 3DMark version as of March 6, 2013. SIMCITY tested with FRAPS at 720P with Medium settings and Low Lighting, Low Shadows on the game tutorial map. SIMCITY version as of March 6, 2013. Handbrake tested with 123 minute MPEG2, 1080P file converted to MKV. Handbrake nightly build 5269 version used. Tomb Raider tested with FRAPS at 720P with Low settings and TressFX enabled on the plane sequence. WINZIP 17 decompression test involved extracting 260 bitmap screen shots, each 2-3MB in size.

Features of this product:
  • Tear through everyday applications with AMD Turbo Core 3.0 Technology.

  • Even the odd with up to twice the graphics performance with AMD Radeon??? Dual Graphics Technology.

  • Blaze through games and apps with up to 4.4GHz of blistering speed.

This is comparison between AMD A8-series and Core i3-series on gaming performance, AMD is better.

AMD A8-5600K APU is significantly different is the DirectX 11 graphics processor. The AMD A8-5600K uses the less powerful AMD Radeon HD 7560D graphics processor. This GPU solution has 256 Radeon (shader) cores running at 760 MHz, which means it has 33% fewer GPU cores and to make matters worse they are clocked lower as well.

Features of this product:
  • Enter the fray with ultra-immersive AMD HD3D gaming.

  • Blaze past your opponents with DirectX 11-capable graphics.

  • Get up to twice the graphics performance with AMD Radeon??? Dual Graphics Technology.

  • AMD Eyefinity Technology - Immerse yourself in panoramic gaming and entertainment across up to four monitors with AMD Eyefinity Technology.

  • AMD Turbo Core Technology 3.0. Amazing performance when youre pushing your system to the limits, with scaled back power consumption for everyday activities to help keep your system running cool & quiet.

Every PC deserves great graphics. The NVIDIA Geforce?? GT 630 graphic card is designed to deliver a premium multimedia experience and reliable entry-level gaming-every time. Insist on NVIDIA dedicated graphics for faster, more immersive performance in your applications.

Compared to PALIT GT 630, in terms of overall gaming performance, the graphical capabilities of the Nvidia Gefore GT 630 are noticeably better that the Nvidia Geforce GT 630 PALIT. We recommend at least 400 Watts for the Geforce GT 630, Generic PSU is enough.

Playable Games:
  • Crysis 2 Resolution: 1280X1024

  • Crysis 3 Resolution: 1280X1024

  • NBA 2k13 Resolution: 1280X1024

  • Battlefield 3 Resolution: 1280X1024

  • Diablo III Resolution: 1280X1024

  • Far Cry 3 Resolution: 1280X1024

Zalman have now introduced their first memory cooler - the ZM-RC1000 Ultra Quiet RAM Cooler. This simple but effective product works extremely well at reducing the operating temperature of your memory modules and adjacent components, with very little audible noise produced as a result.

Features of this product:
  • Sleek & Solid Mechanical Design

  • Dual Overhead 60mm Fans for Powerful Cooling Performance

  • Tool-Free Design for Convenient Installation and Removal

  • Anti-Vibration Grip System

  • Tough Anodized Aluminum Front Panel

  • Quiet Operation with the Fan Speed Adjustment Connector

  • Supports ATX, mATX, EATX motherboards

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